Payments Simplified

Streamline your rent collection.

Zero-Day Hold

Fastest Turnaround Time in the Game

At PayYourRent, we don’t believe in floating funds to make an extra buck. We set you up as the merchant on record so all payments are sent directly into the property’s bank account. That allows us to enjoy a zero-day hold on all payments processed, meaning funds will be sent out for deposit the same day for most payments.



Multiple Ways to Pay

Eliminate excuses and reduce delinquencies by allowing residents to pay online from anywhere in the world. We offer both one-time and automatically recurring monthly payments by ACH and Credit Card and our mobile apps allow for quick and convenient payments on the go. Cash payments coming soon!


Stay in the Know

Instant Email Notifications

Email notifications can be customized by property and allow necessary staff to be alerted when payments are submitted and deposited. Worried a payment might be returned? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.


Accountant Friendly

Easy Bank Reconciliation & Software Integration

We know it’s not enough to just push through payments. With our batch deposit emails and web pages, we make sure that every deposit batch can be easily reconciled. Or just integrate our solution with your accounting software and let us do the legwork for you.


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