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Video: Learn About PayYourRent.com in 65 Seconds

Transcript: Learn About PayYourRent.com in 65 Seconds If you’re a property manager, then you probably spend your days dealing with paperwork, resident issues, chasing payments and HASSLE! Whether you manage five or five thousand units, the responsibility is the same. You practically have to be a SUPERHERO to handle it all. But NO ONE can […]

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Infographic – Top 10 Reasons to Use PayYourRent

Online rent payment is growing in popularity amongst property managers, landlords, and residents. For property managers and landlords, online rent payment makes their rent collection process easier and gives them a competitive advantage. For residents and tenants, online rent payment is a convenient option for paying their rent. It enables them to pay by ACH […]

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5 Reasons Why the future of Rent Payment is Digital

At PayYourRent, we recognize that the digital revolution is sending ripples through every industry in every country around the world. It changes the way we talk to each other, shop the things we want, and pay for the things we need – including monthly rent payments. The worldwide mobile payment revenue in 2015 was 450 […]

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Finding the Diamond in the Rough Tenant

5 Steps to Flawless Renter Application Screening Screening potential tenants and weeding out the “trouble-makers” is one of the most time-consuming, critical tasks that any landlord and property manager has to contend with. But because it is so burdensome, many managers forego meticulous screening practices and opt instead to settle for limited in-person meetings and […]

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What Makes PayYourRent.com Different than Other Online Rent Payment Platforms?

PayYourRent is a one-of-a-kind rent payment platform that caters to both the tenant and landlord, providing each side with the ability to manage rent payments in a way that is safe, secure, quick, and convenient. It’s common nowadays to find online rent payments but only PayYourRent offers the flexibility to accommodate a variety of rent […]

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